Full Face Visors in Ireland

See how full Face Visors score on our 4 key points about how a facemask is perceived by customers. 

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Full Face Visors in Ireland

Is a visor the same as a face shield?

Until this point, much of the PPE focus has been on face masks. Many people are finding wearing a face mask uncomfortable for longer periods of time. Additionally, for those who need to communicate with others, wearing a mask is hindering their ability to engage with colleagues and customers alike. Several face masks on offer can muffle the voice and do not give an opportunity for others to ‘lip read’. For this reason, the visor is becoming an increasingly popular product. As retail outlets begin to re-open their doors in Ireland, we expect to see more and more visors being used to protect all persons when in retail outlets. The product allows for relatively easy breathing when compared to other more confined masks and it covers the full face and not just the nose and mouth. Additionally visors act as a deterrent for anyone who would otherwise be tempted to touch their eyes nose or mouth as it acts as a physical barrier. Full Face Visors in Ireland can often also be called Face shields as they are the same product.

What is a visor?

A visor has been defined as a movable part (of a helmet) that can be pulled down to cover the face.Visors can be worn for long periods and become barely noticeable until you take a sip of water/coffee. If you have a full day or shift at work in the company of other people, then a visor may be the ideal solution. From an environmental point of view, a visor is a much better reusable solution than a single use face mask which is usually discarded after just one outing. Visors are an ideal personal protective equipment product for businesses as they can give each staff member one item and then it is that persons to look after and clean. 

Employers across Ireland can provide their staff with visors to ensure a safe working environment when they re-open their doors. Staff will be re-assured that their employer is taking their welfare seriously by providing PPE items. Visors have the added flexibility that they can be used in conjunction with other products such as a disposable mask or N95 respirator. This gives the wearer added protection from airborne particles and any droplets that may be in the air if someone who is infected sneezes or coughs. 

How much do Visors cost?

Due to orders coming in 24/7 our stocks levels are changing on a minute by minute basis. We suggest you place your order as soon as possible to ensure we get items despatched to you as soon as possible. Please refer to the pricing grid to calculate the cost of visors. We use a tracked express courier delivery service to ensure items are delivered securely and on time. Below is a table outlining the prices of full Face Visors in Ireland and the discounts achieved when ordering in bulk. 

QtyPricePer Unit
5 units21€4.20
10 units40€4.00
20 units80€4.00
30 units114€3.80
40 units152€3.80
50 units175€3.50
100 units320€3.20