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See how disposable 3 ply masks scores on our 4 key points about how a facemask is perceived by customers. 

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Disposable Masks in Ireland

You can order both Disposable masks and Surgical masks by clicking the button below. For more information regarding these 3 ply masks please read the details below which outline the main benefits of the product. If you still have any questions about the product contact our sales team who will be happy to help.

3 ply masks for one time use

The Irish Government in consultation with the World Health Organisation (WHO) are updating their Covid 19 guidance on a regular basis. New studies and evidence have emerged which show that wearing face masks can help prevent the spread of Corona virus among the wider population. For this reason, wearing a face mask is being strong encouraged wherever possible. Disposable face masks are the cheapest and easiest type of face covering available as they can only be used once and should be discarded after being used. Reusing a disposable face mask is strongly discouraged as this can pass on the virus either to yourself or others around you. The mask covers both the nose and mouth and is made of 3 ply material which prevents any water droplets or particles being passed from the wearer to other persons or surfaces in their vicinity.

PPE Ireland have ordered a large quantity of disposable masks to supply both businesses and individuals for when restrictions are lifted. Should Ireland follow many other European countries then wearing a mask in public and in shops is likely to be one of the new requirements for people leaving their homes. 3 ply masks are limited in the protection they offer as the fitting to the face does not create a tight and secure seal. For greater protection we suggest other products such as the N95 Respirator which gives an additional layer of protection for those who are likely to be using a mask on a more regular basis. If you are looking for a quick and simple solution then the disposable face mask would be the ideal product for you. If everyone in Ireland follows the guidance and wears a mask when outside of the house this should provide a huge boost to the efforts to defeat COVID19 sooner rather than later.

What is a disposable face mask?

Wikipedia has the following definition of a disposable facemask:
”A medical facemask is intended to be worn by health professionals during surgery to catch any droplets from the wearer’s mouth and nose. They are not designed to protect the wearer from inhaling airborne viruses and are less effective than respirators such as N95.”  Wikipedia

Our disposable masks come in packets of 50 pieces and are wrapped in plastic so they can be transported in your bag, purse, car, etc while remaining perfectly clean and suitable for use. As and when required they can be unwrapped and used as necessary. This type of product is ideal if you do not plan on using a mask regularly but need to comply with regulations.

How much do disposable facemasks cost?

Please refer to the pricing grid for prices of disposable face masks as the price changes slightly depending on quantity ordered. We are continuously securing more disposable masks to keep our stock levels as high as possible but due to high demand these are constantly changing. As such we encourage you to place your order as soon as possible to ensure your goods arrive in a timely fashion. We use an express courier shipping method for our orders which means customers can expect to receive their disposable masks and surgical masks in Ireland within 1-2 days of the order being placed on the website. 

QtyPricePer unit
10 units€ 9€ 0.90
20 units€ 18€ 0.90
30 units€ 24€ 0.80
40 units€ 32€ 0.80
50 units€ 35€ 0.70
100 units€ 70€ 0.70