Cloth masks and Reusable masks in Ireland

See how reusable cloth masks scores on our 4 key points about how a facemask is perceived by customers. 

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Cloth Masks in Ireland

You can order black cloth masks by clicking the button below to navigate to our store page. For more information regarding these cotton masks please read the details below which outline the main benefits of the product. As Cloth masks and Reusable masks in Ireland can be washed this type of product is very popular with customers looking for a simple solution. If you still have any questions about the product contact our sales team who will be happy to help.

3 layer Cloth masks in plain black colour

With members of the public across Europe now encouraged to wear face masks when leaving home people are scrambling to ensure they are complying with the latest guidelines. As restrictions are eased many governments are recommending or enforcing that people wear masks when in public. PPE Ireland are now supplying Cloth face masks which have become extremely popular with people seeking a mask which can comfortably be worn for a long period of time. These face masks are made of cotton material and contain 3 separate layers to protect the wearer from any airborne particles which could carry the Covid-19 virus. The mask covers both the nose and mouth to ensure that the wearer is not spreading any particles themselves. Unlike some other facemasks available, the Cloth mask can be reused. As long as the product is washed carefully and then left in a sealed environment it can be worn multiple times. This added benefit makes the cloth type of mask the most environmentally friendly option available. It also means that one mask can last a number of weeks depending on how often it is used.

How effective is a cloth face mask?

While not offering the same level of protection as the N95 respirator, cloth masks and reusable masks in Ireland are viewed as a compromise in terms of protection and comfort. It offers less protection than the N95 mask, but more than just a simple disposable mask. And at the same time it is a mask that can be washed and reused and used more than once which is very appealing to some customers. We also offer cloth masks with customized print on for orders of over 100 units. Contact us to get your company or business name printed onto the mask for a personalized face mask in Ireland. Cloth masks cover the nose and mouth of the wearer and the three layers of cotton act as protection against any droplets or particles in the air. It also ensures if the wearer sneezes or coughs that there are no droplets projected into the surrounding areas. 

What is a disposable face mask?

Wikipedia has the following definition of a common cloth mask:
”A cloth face mask is a mask made of common textiles, usually cotton, worn over the mouth and nose. Although they are less effective than surigcal masks or N95 respirators, they are used by the general public in household and community settings as perceived protection against both infectious diseases and particulate air pollution.”  Wikipedia

Our cloth masks are currently available in plain black colour. This type of cotton mask is ideal if you are looking for a reusable mask in Ireland to protect you and others when leaving home. Cloth masks and Reusable masks in Ireland provide protection for both the wearer and those around them. 

How much do cloth facemasks cost?

Cloth masks are made from cotton material which includes 3 separate layers to give additional protection to the wearer. Please email with any queries you may have. There is no minimum order quantity for this product and customers can order just 1 mask if that is all they require. Prices are calculated on a scaling basis, meaning that cheaper prices are available for those ordering more units. Please refer to the pricing grid to calculate the cost of your cloth mask order. Our chosen courier provider will ensure your masks are delivered to you in an efficient manner and current time frames mean customer can expect to receive their cloth masks and reusable masks in Ireland 1-2 days after an order is placed on the website. 

QtyPricePer unit
5 units€ 15€ 3.00
10 units€ 28€ 2.80
20 units€ 54€ 2.70
30 units€ 75€ 2.50
40 units€ 100€ 2.50
50 units€ 120€ 2.40
100 units€ 220€ 2.20