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See how surgical 3 ply masks scores on our 4 key points about how a facemask is perceived by customers. 

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Surgical Face Masks in Ireland

You can order Surgical masks, also known as medical masks, by clicking the button below. For more information regarding these 3 ply masks please read the details below which outline the main benefits of the product. If you still have any questions about these types of face covering contact our sales team who will be happy to help.

Surgical masks for one time use

Authorities and the World Health Organisation (WHO) are constantly updating their guidance to the public regarding Covid-19. Part of this guidance now encourages members of the public to wear facemasks when they leave their homes to help prevent further spread of Corona virus to other people they come into contact with. Many countries in Europe have now enacted laws and legislation that makes wearing a mask mandatory when in public. In Asia many people wear surgical masks on a daily basis to protect them against the heavy pollution that affects major cities. As such the product is mass produced in huge quantities and this allows for surgical masks to be offered as the cheapest face mask in Ireland. They are only to be worn once and should be discarded in a bin after use. 3 ply masks are ideal for short term use such as popping to the shops briefly and do not offer high levels of protection against airborne particles. It should be noted that this type of mask is primarily designed to stop the wearer from dispersing particles into the atmosphere. It is not intended to protect the wearer from any potential droplets in the air. The N95 respirator is a better option for those who want a mask to protect them from airborne particles and a product that forms a tight seal around the nose and mouth. 

The team at PPE Ireland have planned ahead in anticipation of lockdown restrictions being eased in the near future by purchasing a large quantity of surgical masks. Should Ireland follow suit in enforcing or recommending that members of the public wear masks when leaving their homes then this cheap option will be very popular. Whether you wish to order masks for a business or workplace or simply for your personal use, surgical masks offer a lightweight and cheap way to cover both the nose and mouth. These 3 ply masks offer only limited protection to the wearer as the mask does not forma tight seal around the nose and mouth area. For customers looking to purchase a product that offers greater protection we suggest the N95 Respirator which protects and filters against 95% of potential droplets. It can also be worn multiple times if handled correctly which gives an additional bonus for anyone expecting to require masks on a daily basis. Surgical masks and 3 ply masks are ideal as a quick and simple solution that will be disposed of after being used. 

What is a surgical face mask?

Wikipedia has the following definition of a surgical facemask:
”A medical facemask is intended to be worn by health professionals during surgery to catch any droplets from the wearer’s mouth and nose. They are not designed to protect the wearer from inhaling airborne viruses and are less effective than respirators such as N95.”  Wikipedia

Our surgical masks are supplied in boxes of 50 units as standard. Smaller quantities then this will be sent in plastic wrapping. By wearing a surgical mask like this you are being responsible and ensuring that you are not spreading any potentially infected particles to anyone close to you. Whilst offering only limited protection surgical masks do comply with European regulations in that it covers both the mouth and nose also is made of 3 layers. 

How much do surgical facemasks cost?

Surgical masks are available in stock and can be shipped out today. We use a worldwide courier firm as our delivery partners to ensure your Order is tracked from dispatch to your delivery address. Orders placed online can expect to receive their delivery in 1-2 days. The minimum order for surgical masks is 10 units due to the packaging required. Please refer to the pricing grid to calculate the cost of your Order. Due to unprecedented demand stock levels are constantly changing and we suggest you order without delay. For any queries please email or give us a call

QtyPricePer unit
10 units€ 9€ 0.90
20 units€ 18€ 0.90
30 units€ 24€ 0.80
40 units€ 32€ 0.80
50 units€ 35€ 0.70
100 units€ 70€ 0.70