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Visors and Face shields in Ireland

You can order a face shield that covers the entire facial area and allows for easy breathing. The visor type product is ideal for those working in a retail environment who need to engage with members of the public on an ongoing basis.

Face Shields by Ireland PPE

With the Irish Government and the World Health Organisation (WHO) updating their guidance on a regular basis, it is difficult to know what the current advice is. As such, many people have decided to purchase and use a face shield or visor to protect themselves against contracting Covid-19. Traditional masks generally cover the nose and mouth area but several studies have suggested that the virus can be caught by having your eyes exposed to the Virus. Medical visors come with a protective layer which can be removed to ensure clear visibility for the individual wearing it. Some people report that wearing a face mask for a length period is uncomfortable and they prefer the visor for long term use. The retail industry are particularly keen on face shields or visors as it allows their workforce to communicate effectively with each other and members of the public.

What is a Face Shield?

Wikipedia contains the following definition regarding face shields:
”A face shield can be described as an item of personal protective equipment (PPE), that aims to protect the wearer’s entire face (or part of it) from potentially infections materials (in medical and laboratory environments).”  Wikipedia

A major benefit of a face shield or visor is the ability to wear it in addition to a regular face mask if required. An individual can wear a N95 mask together with the visor to give full protection and allow them to go about their business. The visor can be used for months or even years provided it is well maintained and cleaned regularly.

How much do Face Shields cost?

PPE Ireland has face shields in stock ready to ship to your home or work address as required. Should you require further information please contact info@ppeireland.com where our experienced team can provide assistance. Please refer to the pricing grid for pricing of the face shields. We use a worldwide courier company as our delivery partner to ensure that your face shields are tracked from the moment they leave our facility until delivery.

QtyPricePer Unit
5 units21€4.20
10 units40€4.00
20 units80€4.00
30 units114€3.80
40 units152€3.80
50 units175€3.50
100 units320€3.20