Ireland PPE FAQ about Masks in Ireland

Frequently Asked Questions about Masks in Ireland

Ireland PPE FAQ about Masks in Ireland tackle the most common questions that people have in relation to our products. Please see below for a list of frequently asked questions regarding facemasks in Ireland. Examples include ‘are face masks reusable?’ and ‘which mask is the most suitable?’ Get up date information on Facemasks in Ireland and stock levels by contacting us today.
Will wearing a face mask help protect me from Covid-19?

In short – If everyone in Ireland wears a mask at all times when going about their daily business then the spread of Covid 19 should be greatly reduced and potentially halted. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has updated its guidance to recommend the wearing of a face mask to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus. A popular option among masks is the surgical mask which is usually worn for a brief duration before being discarded. This mask is fairly basic and does not provide a tight ‘seal’ around the nose and mouth but it does prevent any water particles from the wearer being dispersed into the atmosphere.

After an individual has been infected with Covid 19 the disease attacks their body cells to replicate itself. After the virus multiplies in the body these new virus particles reside in the bodily fluids found primarily in the lungs, mouth and nose. An infected person coughing or sneezing can send thousands of droplets filled with the virus into the air or onto nearby surfaces. These droplets remain a danger to others for several hours and will infect others. This shows the importance of wearing a mask to prevent the spread of the virus in Ireland.

How does a facemask prevent the spread of the Virus?

Assuming a face mask is being worn correctly, the wearer will not be able to spread any particles into the air through their breathing, coughing or sneezing. Initial studies show that indoor or confined environments such as offices, buses, trains and planes are particularly risky in terms of spreading Covid19. When people are in close proximity to each other it is strongly encouraged to wear a mask at all times. Governments around the world are updating their guidance based on the fact that many carriers of the virus are asymptomatic and are completely unaware of it. By ensuring that everyone wears a facemask, the spread of the disease will be slowed significantly.

Which face mask is the most effective?

There are many different face mask options available on the market which can be confusing to some people. The ‘gold standard’ of face masks is the KN95 mask which is made to high surgical standard and offers the wearer good protection. The KN95 masks forms a tight seal around the nose and mouth and this enables the mask to filter out 95% of unwanted airborne particles (hence the name). This mask is reusable for approximately 5 times according to the CDC Website in the United States. If a person needs to leave the house fairly regularly or is a key or essential worker this mask would be ideal for them. Take care when applying and removing the mask to ensure it remains in good condition and provides a tight seal around the face.

Where can I buy facemasks in Ireland?

PPE Ireland is stocking various types of protective equipment including Face Masks online. Below you will see other sample products which can also be purchased from our Website. These products together with good hygiene practices such as regular hand washing will help to slow/halt the spread of Covid 19.

Can Facemasks be re-used?

Different types of facemasks have a different life expectancy depending on the type of Product they are and the regularity with which they will be worn:
Surgical Masks – The surgical mask or disposable mask is made of 3 layers of protective filters. This type of facemask was prevalent in Asia long before Corona virus was a factor. This mask offers basic protection to those around you by preventing you spreading particles into the air. Disposable masks are one time use only and should not be washed or reused after being worn once. 
KN95 Masks – The KN95 mask is a higher standard of product which should have a two-fold effect. As this type of mask forms a tighter seal around the face it should prevent you from spreading particles and from contracting any particles if worn correctly. As such, this is our most popular product and we are seeing unprecedented demand for this across Ireland.
Face Shields – The face shield or visor as it is sometimes referred to has unlimited uses provided the product is intact. The visor has the added benefit of also covering the eyes which have been identified as a potential weakness in the fight against Covid 19. Wearing a visor is much more comfortable than wearing goggles over a prolonged period.

Why should I wear a face mask?

Governments from around the world are concluding that by asking all members of the public to wear masks they can help prevent or slow the spread of Covid 19. By wearing a face mask it is possible that further lockdown restrictions will be lifted and some normality can be restored. By not wearing a face mask you could unknowingly be spreading the virus despite feeling 100% healthy. If all people in Ireland wear masks then we should see a steady decline in the number of new cases of Coronavirus being reported. Wearing face masks is a small price to pay for protecting those around us and allowing certain restrictions to be lifted.

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